Pennsylvania solar farm land lease rates: Q&A

Picture of HelioSclope, a modeling tool that fits solar panel installations onto satellite images of Earth.

The Keystone State is gearing up for an explosion in solar construction. As a result, Pennsylvania solar farm land lease rates have risen. Community solar projects, of approximately 15 acres, are now generating land lease payments of $20,000 per year for 25 years. The most recent example of this potential boom is the submission of…

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Tesla targets 1 million in sales, 200 gigafactories, a moron Senator in Pennsylvania, & more! #39

Today from the Clean Power Hour, we discuss how Tesla is targeting a million in vehicle sales, the gigafactory battery manufacturing race with 200 lithium battery plants scheduled before 2030, a moron in Pennsylvania moonlighting as a Senator, and more! This excessive commentary is brought to you by Tim Montague and yours truly – the CommercialSolarGuy…

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Solar up 22.5% year-over-year in January

Man installs commercial solar panels on a roof with sun setting in background

The US Department of Energy’s Energy Information Administration (EIA) has released the March Electric Power Monthly, providing data through the end of January 2021. The report notes that photovoltaic (solar) generation grew by 22.5% this January versus last January, accounting for ~2.4% of total US electricity generated for the month versus 2.0% last year. Total…

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Solar greenhouse, solar + rabbits, $140B wind, more! #37

Farmer stands in front of healthy plants, in what could one day be a solar greenhouse

Today from the Clean Power Hour, we discuss a solar cell greenhouse, retrofitting plants and livestock into existing solar fields, and more! This excessive commentary is brought to you by Tim Montague and yours truly – the CommercialSolarGuy – John Fitzgerald Weaver. First of course, here’s the podcast – Episode 37! Plants Would Grow Well in Solar…

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Most efficient solar panels available in 2021

This list of the most efficient solar panels is based upon Taiyangnews‘ report from January 2021 – Advanced Module Technologies. While the list put together here isn’t all encompassing, and it will date itself quickly as the industry evolves, it covers a lot of the what’s out there. We would recommend getting deeper into the…

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24 hour solar power plant: a financial analysis

Photograph of Blue Power's battery storage - installed in shipping containers sitting on foundations

Japanese solar developer, Blue Power, has built a 24 hour solar plus energy storage power plant that can run for 24 hours a day at 143-1 Hinode, Akaigawa Village, Yoichi District, Hokkaido, Japan. While smaller solar plus storage facilities have been around for a couple of decades, a utility scale project at this large size…

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