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Technical reviews of solar+storage news

Massachusetts doubling citizen winnings with new energy storage program

By John Fitzgerald Weaver | March 26, 2020

Massachusetts has a plan – the Clean Peak Standard – to clean the most polluting electricity. The state is suggesting to power these late afternoon and early evening peak periods with wind and solar filled energy storage. The standard also contains the next stages of an advancing distributed, intelligent, and resilient power grid. On Friday,…

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Solar power service plans for residential and commercial customers: $10/mo and 95% performance guarantee

By John Fitzgerald Weaver | March 23, 2020

Solar power plants are projected to last at least twenty years. During this time, they generate electricity that pays back your investment. And yes, a cloudy day or two is okay– in fact it’s accounted for– but what about making sure the system runs in general? First – two pieces of solar plant operations and…

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What to do with old solar panels: Cost estimates for decommissioning solar power plants

By John Fitzgerald Weaver | March 20, 2020

As solar power is installed across the United States, gaining on 2.5 million total systems installed in the country, questions are arising about what to do with the modules at the end of their life. Local zoning boards are requiring that solar developers specifically note how solar power plants will be “decommissioned”: defined as cleaning…

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National solar power up 23 percent in 2019, northeast down 1 percent – long term outlook strong

By John Fitzgerald Weaver | March 19, 2020

The northeast solar power development pipeline – even after accounting for bumps along the way – is long term strong. But, as the venerable Shrek once said, “Layers. Onions have layers. Solar has layers. Onions have layers. You get it? We both have layers.”   Looking to 2019 on a nationwide basis, SEIA and Wood…

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Tesla manufactured 1,000 solar roofs last week, that’s almost $1 billion a year in revenue

By John Fitzgerald Weaver | March 16, 2020

Tesla’s Solar Roof is a unique product in the solar marketplace. First off, it’s not nearly as efficient as the most efficient residential solar panels on the market. The Tesla Solar Roof could be about 10% efficient, which is way below the leading edge product out there – the REC Alpha at 21.7% for instance.…

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The monetization – via $1 billion+ of recent transactions -RE

By John Fitzgerald Weaver | March 13, 2020

There is more than enough more money to rebuild the estimated at $5 trillion U.S. power grid into a modern, quick thinking, borderline self aware machine. U.S. GDP in 2019 was just over $21 trillion, and annual electricity costs run in the $400 billion range. Separately, there is a significant amount of capital available to…

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Long Island seeks 155 MW/620 MWh+ of strategically distributed energy storage

By John Fitzgerald Weaver | March 11, 2020

Long Island’s electric utility PSEG has published a Request for Information seeking “ideas, suggestions, and concepts on how best to configure, deploy and locate” between 155-175 MW of energy storage with at least four hours of capacity. The document is also designed to give the developer a chance to introduce themselves to the utility for…

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California solar power park, long aspiring to be among the world’s largest, finds first 50 MW buyer

By John Fitzgerald Weaver | March 9, 2020

On February 13th, Valley Clean Energy approved a power purchase agreement for 50 MWac worth of output from the 250 MWac Aquamarine Westland solar power plant. Pricing information was blacked out in the final agreement, though in an earlier contract version it was noted that if the seller of the electricity is unable to obtain…

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Solar power inverter replacements a $1billion+ market in 2020, 10% of all installations

By John Fitzgerald Weaver | March 6, 2020

IHS Market is reporting that solar power inverter replacements will total about 8.7 GW of capacity in 2020, representing up to 10% of all inverters sold. If we roughly price these inverters between 10-15¢/W, and add in some money for labor and additional hardware (see below), we see this segment zoom past $1 billion in…

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Pennsylvania solar power market waking up – $300 million development portfolio sells

By John Fitzgerald Weaver | March 4, 2020

The Pennsylvania solar power market is seeing an increase in both utility and local scale solar power development. A change in law supporting in-state created and sold solar renewable energy certificates (SREC), as well as the bubble of potential political shifts is driving this. Last week, Glidepath Ventures and Grasshopper Solar announced that they’d transacted…

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