Corporate solar is big business in America!


Man installing a solar panel on a rooftop.

It’s Fiscally Responsible Being Green

Corporations are driving solar power uptake in the United States. In 2020, according to Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables, US corporations have built on their own premises or signed remote power purchase agreements with over 40,000 solar power projects.

The number one reason that companies are signing agreements for solar and wind power is cost.

  • Modern solar electricity is “the cheapest electricity in history” of the world according to the International Energy Agency. This is because once the solar generation hardware is in place, fuel is free for as long as the sun rises. Additionally, solar power projects have low operations and maintenance costs. The solar modules and inverters are static, non-moving components with multiple decade warranties and generation guarantees. This creates stability.
  • Long term energy price predictability and stability. When a business installs a solar power system, or signs a long term power purchase agreement (PPA) with a solar power facility, the price of electricity is locked in for decades on end. With energy inflation never slowing, and the global volatility a real thing, knowing exactly what the electricity will cost to run your business operations is simply one less thing to worry about.
  • Attractive Return on Investment. Whether investing capital in owning a solar power system, or time and focus in buying from a solar facility, the solar project will offer a strong return on investment of money or time.

U.S. Corporate Solar Procurement Map

Sustainability & Public Relations

  • Solar power helps corporations reach Greenhouse Gas Reduction Goals. Solar technology generates clean electricity for 25+ years with no carbon emissions or air pollutants. Along with wind energy, it is some of the cleanest electricity you can buy on earth.
  • The public demands it, and more and more, so do governments. Recent polling by Pew Research suggests that 69% of the US public sees Large Businesses and Corporations as NOT DOING ENOUGH on climate, while 21% of the nation says ‘about the right amount’ is being done. That’s 90% of America that sees a corporate responsibility to green.
  • Solar power is as popular as apple pie. Solar power is much like America – it’s local, it gets up for work everyday and does its job, and it takes care of its own. Go ahead, ask your customers – see what they think!

Pew Research, April 2021

The beginnings of the process…

The process starts with you reaching out to Commercial Solar Guy and communicating your needs – is it energy savings and corporate responsibility? Let us know, as we start down the path:

  • Opportunity Explanation – we will speak with your facilities, project, and financial managers to explain the technical and financial possibilities. If these align, then…
  • Data Collection – working with those same team members we’ll collect the data needed to deliver a high quality proposal. This will include information such as electricity usage, sustainability mandates, as well structural and land characteristics where the solar power might be sited.
  • Presentation of Possibilities – we will show the multiple possibilities. Some of these will include onsite solar power, others remote power purchase agreements. All of the opportunities will include monetary savings, with some of those completely owned by the power company – while others becoming a company asset. The key will be for us to determine what best works with your company’s financial goals.
  • Commercial Solar Guy develops utility scale solar via our CSG Developers arm. We have experienced engineers, finance teams, and construction crews. To start the learning, reach out to via our Contact Page!