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Hi, I’m John Weaver, your commercial solar energy consultant. When you work with me, you get 15 years of financial, engineering, and construction experience to guide you through your project — from concept, to paperwork, to digging the dirt and throwing that final switch.

Call me for a 15-minute consultation, and we’ll determine if we are the right fit. You can also contact me here.


Financial Analysis

Provide a financial analysis, including electricity production, revenue stream projections, tax consequences, and operations and maintenance costs.

Cost Breakdown

Deliver a complete cost breakdown of components, labor, and services. This includes: comparisons with national data and profit margins.

Layout Design

Design the layout of a complete solar system, defining a bill of materials.


Handle the paperwork that drives federal incentives, the local power company, permits, and state-level requirements.

Project Management

Act as your Project Developer and guide you through professional scrutiny – with electrical and structural engineers, CPAs and bankers, permitting and hiring contractors.

What customers say:

Everyone knows the environmental benefits of going green, but John taught us the financial benefits of a commercial solar installation. We’re combining solar power, batteries, and car chargers. It’s a complex project, with multiple moving parts. John said his advice was more peace of mind than anything else, and in the end he was right.

Yorba Linda,
California business owner, System – 57kW Solar plus 20/40kWh Energy Storage

What customers say:

I feel like the decision we made – reaching out to John after reading about him online – was the right decision. We’re expecting to earn six figures in the first year, and for twenty years from our roof, because of solar power.

Seamus Woods
Business Owner, Secure Storage, Brewster

What customers say:

If you’re considering solar power I highly recommend consulting with John Weaver. His knowledge and expertise are invaluable.

Kelly Mac
Interior Plantscape Designer, Kelly Mac Interiorscapes

What customers say:

Going green CAN save green, but it’s a minefield that we need people like John to help us navigate. I can’t thank him enough for thinking this through with me.

James Hammons Jr.
home owner, Texas

What customers say:

John’s deep Solar Market knowledge, developer insight, and most importantly his cost-saving and cost-effective consulting, has helped us tremendously in framing our understanding of a company we are charged with vetting for Investment.  I highly recommend commercial companies to engage John as an intelligent and cost-effective protective-measure when vetting commercial and utility-scale solar proposals and projects.

Matthew Handley
Principal Analyst , Handley & Co

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