This website is evolving. Specifically, the blog portion is changing. We will now have two blogs – one for standard articles, which we will publish more frequently – and a new blog page . This new blog’s purpose is to centralize, and control a bit more, the creation and curation of content by CommercialSolarGuy.

In recent years, we have seen many social media companies gain prominence. These companies have generated great wealth, upended the news and information systems, and have arguably create a broader global mind.

Concurrently, these tools have been used to manipulate. Cambridge Analytica made leaving Facebook very easy, many connections were lost though. Instagram was lost as I learned about self esteem issues in the youth and how the company manipulated them for traffic, and with that watching my family share images was lost. LinkedIn not caring about spam and fake profiles elbows me along. And most disappointingly, Musk seemingly cohabitating with dictators that are doing terrible things to our world, along with his erratic nature, now have me actively thinking, and taking action, on what are the best ways to invest limited knowledge giving/taking time.

With that, we have decided to bring the creation of our social media home – here, on this website in fact, to the Solar News Stream of Consciousness. We will curate, create, and distribute knowledge that we learn while probing the world related to solar electricity generation, and it’s close information siblings. The posts will be formatted to be deployed on whatever social media platform you choose to populate, and – eventually – we will develop tools to bring your reactions back to our site, and send our responses back to your home.

Concurrently, we will also continue to follow and interact with those who we appreciate on their own various platforms – but in a different manner than we do today. We need to find a way to take care of ourselves, while still visiting the public square. The greatest value of Twitter is who we could interact with, and those who had gathered to share. The wonder of LinkedIn is that we are are all trying to focus business and bring attention to taking care of our clients. The beauty of the Federated websites (Bluesky and Mastodon) is that they show the people want better. Maybe we need all have our own website, but wire them together in a way that we all interact with each other however we please.

We so greatly appreciate the tens of thousands of professionals and interested people who follow our various profiles. We seek to continue this work, for both your – and our – benefit.

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