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Posts by John Fitzgerald Weaver

If we ask nicely, wind+solar+storage can run the power grid

Research shows that a combination of wind, solar and energy storage can provide the seven fundamental services needed to run the power grid at levels ranging from “Good” through “Excellent”. The old trope is that you can’t replace the inertia of the rotating mass of metal that makes up a generator – because that’s what…

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Massachusetts’ SMART program fills up fast

This article originally appeared on pv magazine USA. Beginnings are difficult times. And given the delayed roll-out and pent-up demand for Massachusetts’ SMART program, it was long projected that some portions of the program would rapidly fill up as soon as it became available. These expectations appear to be largely correct, and the program reports…

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Massachusetts calls for ‘Clean Peak Standard’ to green dirtiest, most expensive power

The State specified that retail electricity suppliers must provide customers with clean electricity during defined ‘clean peak periods’, at less than $0.005/kWh averaged across annual usage. The State of Massachusetts has put forth plans that will require retail electricity utilities to provide buyers with cleaner and cheaper electricity options during the most expensive and dirtiest…

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SMART problems in Massachusetts

The state’s upcoming solar program looks as if it will very quickly move through allocated volume, stranding developers and installers and tens of millions of dollars worth of projects. The State of Massachusetts has a solar powered problem on its hands. The problem might be that the state has created a program that is too…

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