CommercialSolarGuy is a licensed General Contractor with decades of experience consulting and building solar power systems. Our primary aim is to guide our clients through the intricacies of solar power, helping them realize its full potential.

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Commercial Solar Consulting Services

We have an extensive track record in consulting for solar projects ranging from small commercial setups to large utility-scale operations nationwide. We are well-versed in both federal and state-specific solar legislation and incentives.

Solar Lease Agreement Analysis

Tailored for landowners like farmers and building owners, our analysis delves into the essentials of land and roof lease agreements. It covers key aspects such as lease rates, tax responsibilities, and end-of-life terms for solar installations.

Solar System Ownership

We provide in-depth insights into the logistics and economics of owning a solar power system, covering costs, return on investment, incentives, permits, zoning, and feasibility studies.

Initial System Design

A high-level solar power system layout and an electrical single-line diagram optimized for system size and production. We also offer a breakdown of system components such as solar panels, inverters, and racking, as well as the types of labor required.

Tax Benefit Analysis

Our CPA, whose focus is on commercial real estate and solar power, offers valuable insights on tax benefits, helping you make the most of your solar investment.


We will analyze your site, building, or ideas for legislative, technical, and financial feasibility. If the project isn’t possible, we’ll let you know quantitatively.

Financial Modeling

We will consider all aspects of the solar power system you are considering, including design, tax benefits, and feasibility, and bring them together in an economic model vetted by financial professionals.

Commercial Solar Construction Services

We offer a turnkey solution for your solar power project, covering every aspect from planning to activation.

As a licensed, insured, and bondable General Contractor, we have a wealth of experience in key markets such as Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Connecticut, California, Illinois, and Florida.

Preliminary Interconnection and Zoning Analysis

Various pre-development tasks and resources need to be undertaken to determine if a solar site is feasible for solar development, including feasibility studies, red flag land analysis, hosting capacity studies, and other preliminary actions that determine if a project is viable.

Electrical and System Design Engineering

Led by Benjie Borra, a seasoned civil engineer with over a decade in solar design and project management, our team specializes in electrical and system design engineering. Working alongside Benjie is Mark Eckert, a Licensed Professional Engineer with a multifaceted engineering background, including electrical system design expertise and a Renewable Energy degree from Penn State University. Third-party engineers vet our designs to ensure the highest quality and reliability.


Our civil and electrical engineering teams navigate the complex legal landscape to secure the necessary power grid interconnections and zoning approvals, readying your project to receive its official “Notice to Proceed.”

Construction Phase

Once greenlit, we manage all aspects of the construction process, including hardware procurement, document submission for permits, machine ordering, and installation team scheduling.

Interested in Residential Solar Services?

Whaling City Solar, our sister company, is built on the same core principles that guide CommercialSolarGuy.

Whaling City solar offers both residential solar power construction and consulting services.