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Imagine your hot phone recharged itself

Huge amounts of energy float around us that we don’t collect. Mostly it doesn’t make sense due to energy density and our broader needs – nor our technological capabilities, and so to align with the economics of reality we burn fossil fuels. However, don’t let your imagination be locked down – John Galt once pulled…

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Is the outlook for Solar cloudy in Massachusetts?

By almost every imaginable measure, Massachusetts’ solar movement has been a resounding success, yet its future is in doubt Pushed forward by a number of tailwinds, including the Federal Investment Tax Credit, the State-imposed Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards (which created the SREC and SREC-II Programs), and some of the highest retail prices for electricity in…

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North Carolina solar generation now exceeds 1 gigawatt

A North Carolina sustainable energy group announced solar power capacity in the state has passed 1 gigawatt of power and accounts for $1.6 billion in revenue. Solar has been a fantastic economic driver “Solar has been a fantastic economic driver in North Carolina’s clean energy industry for the past several years, and reaching 1 gigawatt…

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Excerpt from “Harness The Sun”

Finally, someone has to get the equipment installed and make sure it runs properly. For several of the New Bedford projects, that key role has been played by a century-old sign-company-turned-solar-integrator. When Phil Cavallo bought Beaumont Sign Company in 2006, it was a frugal operation run by the family’s third generation. Its customers ranged from…

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Rising above the flood

Driving home from work on a chilly night, Kandace Donovan sees that the power has gone down again in her Lyons, Colorado neighborhood. She passes the darkened homes and then there is her house – lit up like a Christmas tree! It is with a sense of satisfaction that she opens the door to her…

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Rooftop Solar to be the future, says National Grid CEO

Steve Holliday, CEO National Grid: “The idea of large power stations for baseload is outdated” Steve Holliday, CEO of National Grid, the company that operates the gas and power transmission networks in the UK and in the northeastern US, believes the idea of large coal-fired or nuclear power stations to be used for baseload power is…

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