1. Texas installed 6.5GW of new solar in 2023. The SEIA predicts that Texas will considerably outstrip the rest of the US over the next decade, installing around 100GW by 2034. Energy storage has also seen an uptick.
  2. Residential installations also play a large part in California’s solar market, which added 6.2GW of capacity in 2023.
  3. Florida installed 3.2GW of solar in 2023. This was led by the residential segment, which saw over 50,000 new systems installed.
  4. Colorado came in fourth in 2023, adding 1.6GW of new solar generation capacity which the SEIA said was “nearly ten times more than it installed in 2022”.
  5. Ohio was the fifth-highest solar installer in 2023, adding 1.3GW of its now-total 2.3GW of capacity last year. The SEIA said that this represents a 1,230% increase compared with 2022.



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