Ohm Analytics adjusted their projection of residential solar being down 13% vs 19%

It is important to note Ohm’s forecast is dependent on a recovery in H2’24

recent green shoots with sequential growth in February and March in Florida and Texas

started to see some positive signs, but needs to see more of a ramp in CA and continued improvement with installer liquidity issues

Regarding the Powerwall 3 from Tesla

Powerwall 3 could be considered Powerwall “Free inverter and racking.”

As more racking products such as IronRidge’s XR Flush Mount System meet the UL3741 standard, rapid shutdown requirements can be met through string inverters without requiring MLPE

if you have a 25 panel system with optimizers that cost ~$50 each, you are paying ~$1,250 for the optimizers

with the TSLA Powerwall 3, assuming two strings, you only need four components at ~$25 a piece, or ~$100, which results in ~$1k or more in savings

Roth notes that ~$1 is close to racking costs, and already, a Powerwall 3 solar project gives customers a free inverter – as usually one each for solar and battery, but with Tesla setup only one is needed.


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