Solar+Storage Gear: Enphase + Hanwha Q Cell solar panel refresh – ‘Q.PEAK DUO BLK-G6+/AC IQ7+’ at 340-345 watts

First, the news: there’s a new AC solar module on the market. Enphase and Hanwha Q-Cells have released a 340 and 345 watt solar panel with an integrated at the factory microinverter. The module product names are Q.PEAK DUO BLK-G6+/AC 340 and Q.PEAK DUO BLK-G6+/AC 345. The all-black solar panels are specified for the residential solar market.


The direct current side of the hardware starts with a black coated aluminum frame, black backsheet, and black solar cells presenting a clean facade for projects seeking curb appeal. The unit’s 120 solar cells are of the monocrystalline half cut style, wired with six silver busbars. The whole module efficiency of the 345 watt unit is 19.5%.

The hardware is assembled in Hanwha’s manufacturing facility in Dalton, GA. Both the inverter and the solar panel have a 25 year warranty, with the module warranted to be above 85% of its original output in the year 2045.

AC output electrical characteristics

Enphase’s IQ7+ microinverter outputs AC electricity at up to 295 watts. The inverters offer individual monitoring of the solar panel, as well, the legally required rapid shutdown ability. has the IQ7+ for $165 per unit, while these modules – or something comparable – can be bought around ~50¢ per watt on the pallet level if you can work your way into a distributor relationship. So, ~$300 if you want to hand assemble.

The maximum branch sizing is 13 modules, so up to 4,485 watts worth of modules – outputting  up to 3,835 watts on the AC side. This could be interpreted as a logical, optimizing for use of a hardware-sized chunk of a product.


Personally, my fascination with the Enphase inverter line is due to my opinion that all solar panels, at some point, will have more advanced hardware included in their junction box. Even utility scale. The Enphase’s IQ8 I have written about a few times. It represents the smartest solar panel setup I’ve ever seen. Check out the video below – where you see a solar panel, plus an Enphase IQ8 inverter, plus a surge protector running house goods!

The current generation, what is attached to the Hanwha Q Cell solar module, above of inverter from Enphase doesn’t have this capability below – but soon we’ll see it in the market. Imagine a nationwide network of hundreds of billions of solar panels, each with their own brain.

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