total amounted to 404 tons, equivalent to approximately 18,500 solar panels

PV Cycle Belgium says it collected 658 tons throughout 2023

Source pv magazine
Source pv magazine

quantity of recycled solar panels has more than quadrupled in Belgium in the last five years and added that it is preparing for a continued increase in quantity in the coming years

PV Cycle Belgium collects and processes solar panels free of charge at the end of their useful life

company that put the solar panels onto the market pays a contribution of €1.50 ($1.60) per panel to PV Cycle Belgium, which is passed on to the final consumer

number of companies it is affiliated with increased by one-third last year to reach 400 firms

number of solar panels reported by these companies increased to 4.2 million modules last year


By: John Fitzgerald Weaver – Solar Consultant


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