first quarter of 2024 addition of 45.74 GWac of new capacity, marking a 12.08 GW improvement compared to the previous year

increased by approximately 36% annually

lower than the 155% year-on-year increase in Q1/2023, when China installed 33.66 GW of new solar capacity

cumulative installed solar PV capacity reached around 660 GW

country’s wind power capacity increased to 460 GW, with 15.5 GW of new additions in Q1/2024

combined wind+solar combined capacity of 1.12 TW

anticipated that China will likely achieve its 1.2 TW wind and solar target well ahead of the 2030 goal (in 2024), with an additional 80 GW expected to be added this year

CPIA forecasts that China will install between 190 GW AC and 220 GW AC of new solar PV capacity in 2024



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