MT50e offers a GVWR of 23,000 lbs

range of up to 180 miles on a single charge (more than enough to cover my Matco guy)

new, “fleet optimized” battery capacity (smaller)

new electric export power system from Odyne that replaces the traditional ICE generators that power utility bodies, mobile disaster relief “command centers,” reefer units, and mobile medical units

built to the same body dimensions as gas and diesel MT chassis, meaning that a fleet’s existing bodies can be used on the MT50e with few or no changes, making it that much easier to integrate them into existing fleets

streamlined, integrated design with no reduction in cargo capacity compared to its diesel counterparts

smaller battery packs with shorter range and the addition of slower, “Level 2” home charging

easier to charge these trucks at home

“Which is a reasonably common use case, or so I’ve heard.”



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