365 MW reduction in utility-scale solar power output during the April 8 US solar eclipse maximum and a 3,186 MW reduction in behind-the-meter solar power output during the maximum phase of the eclipse

As of the end of 2022, ISO New England estimates that the region had just over 6,000 MW in nameplate capacity of all types of solar PV

tracking a total of 41,582 MW of power generation projects in its interconnection queue

totality will begin in Burlington, Vermont, at 3:26 pm and end at 3:29 pm, and the partial eclipse will take place from 2:14 pm until 4:37 pm

Going out to 2030, there are 17,770 MW of battery storage projects in the interconnection queue and 15,171 MW of wind power projects, accounting for 45.4% and 38.7% of the total



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