This list of the most efficient solar panels is based upon Taiyangnews‘ report from January 2021 – Advanced Module Technologies. While the list put together here isn’t all encompassing, and it will date itself quickly as the industry evolves, it covers a lot of the what’s out there. We would recommend getting deeper into the report if you want vertical specific solar panel information (residential, C&I, or large scale).

CommercialSolarGuy‘s value add to this list is to find the solar panels online, link to their website and specification page*, and to give a small description of the product.

The world's most efficient solar panels by their efficiency - shown as a bar chart. It also shows total wattage, manufacturer, and model name

*Specification pages or a webpage for the exact solar panel often aren’t on the company’s website, as products evolve quickly. We get as close as we can.

#1 – 22.7% – Maxeon 3 by Maxeon – Specification Page – sold in North America via SunPower brand name. The product is focused on high end residential customers, and is generally premium priced. Availability is high.

#2 – 22.5% – Performance 3 by Maxeon – Specification Page* – sold in North America via SunPower brand name. Product is SunPower’s non-premium product focused on balancing cost and performance. Availability probably high, however, the efficiency noted by the report isn’t noted in the currently posted specification pages.

#3 – 22.1% – HJT by Suntech – no specification page available currently. We cannot confirm the availability of this product yet. CommercialSolarGuy has’t sold Suntech product since 2010-2012’ish, but they were a world leader then.

#4 – 22% – JW-HD156N by Jolywood – Specification Page*. Jollywood is a new module manufacturer, however, they are a technology leader in various solar cell manufacturing techniques. Currently, Jolywood isn’t available in the United States.

#5 – 22% – LG NeON R by LG – Specification Page. One of the most popular residential solar panels available in the United States. Highly available.

#6 – 21.9% – GCL M10 by GCL – Specification Page*. GCL Poly is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of polysilicon. The company has gradually moved up the supply chain from making raw materials, then wafers, then cells – and now assembling modules. The product is mostly for larger sized projects.

#7 – 21.7% – Alpha by REC – Specification Page. One of my favorite solar panels because it is heterojunction – wrote an article about it, wanna read it? Our sister company, Whaling City Solar, recently sold a project with these panels. So hot! Available in the USA.

#8 – 21.4% – MonoPERC by Jinergy – Specification Page. Less well known by us, but with a wide selection of products – and a heterojunction solar panel (in our opinion, what all future panels will be).

#9 – 21.4% – HiKu7 by Canadian Solar – Specification Page. One of the largest manufacturers globally, as well, an owner of a massive volume of solar power projects through their various development arms. CommercialSolarGuy is considering using this panel, or it’s bifacial sibling, in our ground mount projects.

#10 – 21.4% – Titan 120 High Performance by Risen – Specification Page. Risen is one of the world’s largest manufacturers, and like several others, has slowly moved up the supply chain to sell panels.

#11 – 21.33% – 72HC Tiger Pro by Jinko Solar – Specification Page. JinkoSolar is the world’s largest solar panel manufacturer. They actually have a panel that is the world’s most efficient mainstream panel built upon the world’s most efficient mainstream solar cell. This unit isn’t on this list yet because it’s so new. High availability.

#12 – 21.3% – CHSM72M-HC AstroSemi by Chint – Specification Page. Chint is actually best known for making solar inverters, and they’re one of the world’s largest. They’ve probably got into this additional vertical because they’re so close to so many projects already.

#13 – 21.3% – JAM72S30/MR Deep Blue by JA Solar – Specification Page. Recently bought three panels of JA Solar direct from the manufacturer in New Jersey after they reached out to us. They were well priced, and delivered quickly.

#14 – 21.3% – HiMO5 by LONGi – Specification Page. LONGi is another high quality, globally known name. They focus on commercial, industrial, and utility scale projects. They’re a leader in engineering, and design. Good product, very well priced.

Any * on the specification pages we will do our best to update.

End of article bonus – and table of the above graph:

The world's highest efficiency solar panels ranked by their efficiency. This chart also shows total wattage, manufacturer, wafer type, and cell size

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