company’s biggest earner, with the 50 MW, two hour battery

announced on Monday that the Bouldercombe battery earned AU$4.2 million of net revenue in its first full quarter of operations

dispatching 7,152MWh of energy to the Queensland grid

average price of $385 per megawatt-hour

$2 million was contributed by the 50 MW Kidston solar farm in Queensland (which enjoyed a boost in its average price received of $80/MWh)

$3.4 million from the Jemalong solar farm in NSW (average price $97/MWh)

Boudlercombe battery has a 20 year warranty and operations and maintenance contracts with Tesla

Tesla is operating the plant at the moment using their autobidder algorithmic bidding technology to operate in the … control ancillary services markets and every five minutes optimising the dispatch of the plan to maximise revenue

provide us with a revenue floor guarantee and in exchange for operating the plant and providing that guarantee we share a portion of the upside

given the “lumpy” nature of the markets they operate in – the company had settled on a guidance of $12-$15 million a year from Bouldercombe



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