new fiscal credits to purchase components for renewable energy projects

fiscal credits for PV could reach up to 35% of the cost of the solar modules

awarded to projects that exclusively use solar panels made in the European Union

panels with module efficiency ratings of more than 21.5%, or products with cell efficiencies above 23.5%

awarded to projects that use either heterojunction or perovskite-silicon tandem modules with efficiencies of more than 24%

tax credits will be recognized for up to 35% of a total investment of up to €2.5 million ($2.71 million) and up to 5% for total investments of €10 million

maximum limit of eligible costs is equal to €50 million per year per beneficiary company

designed for plants intended for self-consumption, but in principle we can’t exclude that an excess quota possibly released into the grid could be compatible with the public incentives


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