developed innovative technologies to separate and purify rare earth and battery elements from a variety of sources including ores, postindustrial wastes and recycled magnets

innovations improve upon current industrial methods by using significantly less power and water and fewer hazardous chemicals while generating near-zero waste

higher extraction yield, higher purity, smaller footprint and higher efficiency than traditional industrial methods to source rare earth and battery elements

license agreement signed April 18 significantly expands the fields of use and allows the company to separate and purify rare earth and battery elements from any feedstock material

company has developed commercial-scale processes based on the Purdue technologies

constructing its first commercial facility in Marion, Indiana, with the expectation to initially hire 40-60 employees, eventually growing to over 250 full-time employees on-site

Production of rare earth elements and the company’s first sales are anticipated to begin in late 2024

ReElement Technologies on Thursday (April 18) signed an exclusive license to use patented Purdue University technologies



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