IEA PVPS counts the world to have installed up to 446 GW DC of new PV capacity in 2023

global cumulative to 1.6 TW

global solar PV module inventory now stands at 150 GW

China – 235.5 GW DC

Europe brought online 61 GW DC, including 55.8 GW DC in the European Union (EU).

Germany led with 14.3 GW DC, followed by 7.7 GW DC in Spain, 6 GW DC in Poland, 5.3 GW DC in Italy, and 4.2 GW DC in the Netherlands.

US was next with 33.2 GW DC in the Americas, while Brazil installed 11.9 GW DC in the region

India with 16 GW DC was followed by 3.8 GW DC in Australia, 3.3 GW DC in Korea, and 6.3 GW DC in Japan

countries with theoretical penetration rates over 10% doubled from last year to 18, and whilst smaller populations such as Spain, the Netherlands, Chile and Greece were leaders, more populous countries, including Germany and Japan, also passed 10%.



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