Germany’s emissions fell by record 10.1% in 2023

Europe’s biggest economy is trying to cut their emissions by 65 per cent, compared with 1990, by 2030. These latest stats put them on track to reach a cut of almost 64 per cent by that date.

country’s environmental protection agency said that Germany emitted about 673 million tons of greenhouse gases in 2023, a decline of 76 million tons or 10.1%, compared with the previous year. It was the strongest decline since 1990

Germany was sixth in the world for how much new solar it installed


It’s a complex economy right now though…

German economy dodges recession despite shrinking 0.3% in 2023.

“It is worrying that the German economy has hardly grown at all since the outbreak of coronavirus,” Commerzbank’s chief economist Joerg Kraemer said. “This is rare and brings back memories of the years following the bursting of the stock market bubble at the start of the millennium.”


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