808 partly used solar panels belonging to the county, each 2.6 feet by 5.2 feet, 33 pounds and rated at 175 watts, are to be handed out from February 26 through March 31 at no charge to residents, businesses and whoever else wants them – in Orlando, Florida.

To sign up to get panels, go to ideasforus.org/solargiveaway/

installed nearly 15 years ago in a solar array rated to generate a peak of 1 megawatt of electricity.

rooftop system installed in 2009 for $7 million was paid for as a demonstration project by the county, Orlando Utilities Commission and the state of Florida

a new solar system will be installed next year with the same number of panels and within the same footprint, but putting out twice as much power and costing $2 million less than the original system


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