being held for stealing $3,600 in solar panel hardware then turning it in for a Facebook reward, a transient Cheyenne woman could face up to 20 years in prison — as could her two alleged accomplices

Two of the three claimed they found the solar hardware while dumpster diving.

Three people accused of stealing solar panel hardware told police they found the items in a dumpster. One of the dumpsters they claimed was at the West Winds Mobile Home Park in Cheyenne.

owner of Colorado Solar Co., Justin Baker, contacted the Laramie County Sheriff’s Office Feb. 27, saying someone had stolen $3,600 worth of solar equipment from his customers at their home the night before

equipment had been on a pallet in front of the home, placed there by a forklift, in multiple cardboard boxes

Baker allegedly heard three different stories from the suspects about how they came to acquire the items.

She allegedly told him they found the equipment in a dumpster in West Winds Mobile Home Park, then changed her story and said she and Stricker found the goods in a dumpster in the Willow Pond subdivision. Next, Chapman interviewed Stricker, who said he found the items at a Loaf n’ Jug on South Greeley Highway in a dumpster with a friend named Curtis. He said they were dumpster diving and looking for food, the affidavit says.

charged with two variations of felony theft, each punishable by up to 10 years in prison and $10,000 in fines



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