in 2023, clean energy added around USD 320 billion to the world economy

represented 10% of global GDP growth

clean energy growth accounted for around 6% of GDP growth in the world’s largest economy in 2023 (USA)

Clean energy accounted for around one-fifth of China’s 5.2% GDP growth

clean energy accounted for nearly one-third of GDP growth in 2023 in the EU

Clean energy contributed slightly less than 5% of GDP growth in 2023, predominantly from investment in new solar power capacity in India

clean energy investment and sales accounted for between 1% and 4% of total GDP in the four major regions assessed

At the global level, we estimate that around USD 200 billion was invested in clean energy technology manufacturing in 2023, an increase of 75% over the previous year

in 2023, 36 million workers were employed across clean energy supply chains



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