BYD is preparing to launch the Gen 2 Blade Battery

BYD Blade Battery could charge from 10% to 80% in 30 minutes, had an energy density of 150 Wh/kg, a charge cycle lifespan of 3,000 + charges, and a cost per kWh of less than $85, and in some cases, a price as low as $55.40 per kWh

CATL-sourced LFP pack in the base Tesla Model 3, which can charge from 10% to 80% in just under 30 minutes, has an energy density of 125 Wh/kg, a charge cycle lifespan of 2,000 charges and a cost of $100 per kWh

new version will cost the same as the old one and have the same longevity and charge speeds, but it will be significantly lighter and more compact

increasing the cells’ energy density to around 220 Wh/kg, giving the entire pack an energy density of 190 Wh/kg, which would make it the world’s most energy-dense LFP battery pack

BYD estimated such vehicles will be able to do 1,000 km / 621 miles on the CLTC cycle, equivalent to around 520 miles WLTP



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