Multiple clean energy records have hit in California this spring, one of which happened the evening of April 16 with 6.177 GW of energy storage outputting into the grid at 8.10 PM PST. At the time, energy storage was the greatest output source on CAISO – which represents 90% of the electricity demand in the world’s 5th largest economy.

On April 20th, renewables were meeting 153% of electricity demand within the state. California is beginning to clean powergrids outside of it, as it has done in its own special way for so long. What’s interesting, is that this number doesn’t include behind the meter solar power – which is only added to the list in the demand that isn’t showing up – and it’s probably greater than 10 GW at this time of the day.

The basic structure of the powergrid in Texas is changing as increasing amounts of solar complement the existing massive amounts of wind, which are now being complemented with fast moving energy storage. First off is the fact that these new generation sources are pushing coal to the curb. Also happening is that natural gas is no longer setting the wholesale price of electricity – this is defined as being the marginal generator or marginal source – the electricity source that meets additional demand when energy prices rise. Seems batteries are becoming that source.


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