“A survey of 1,000 homeowners conducted by Aurora found 44% said it’s hard to know if an installation company is trustworthy”

figure has doubled in last year

In January 2024, we surveyed 1,000 U.S. adult (18+) homeowners who expressed interest in solar

Given that 10% of homeowners indicated they wanted to electrify their home before considering solar, our findings point to some homeowners viewing heat pumps as a first step to fully reaping the benefits of solar.

17% of respondents had solar, interestingly, 22% had heat pumps, and 15% had an electric vehicle (EV)

10% of homeowners had battery storage

37% of homeowners felt solar panels are more valuable when paired with whole-home electrification

half of homeowners (51%) said they believe solar is a good investment

75% of homeowners that do not have solar (but are interested) said overall system and installation costs are a big concern

54% said specifically that interest rates are too high

15% of homeowners said they were paying for their PV system through a leasing program

while only 59% of homeowners under 30 years old claimed overall costs are a concern, 76% of respondents over 30 were concerned about costs

30% of homeowners are hesitant to adopt solar panels because they don’t know if their home gets enough sun

half (51%) of homeowners are familiar with the term “Inflation Reduction Act.” Yet, only 5% of respondents said they were motivated to purchase solar due to tax incentives.

In 2023, 22% of homeowners said they were unable to find a trustworthy solar company

In 2024, the numbers doubled: 44% of respondents said it is hard to determine which solar companies are trustworthy

that in 2022 almost 80% of solar professionals said EV adoption often led to interest in solar. In 2023 it was more of the same, with 78% citing that EV adoption was leading to interest in solar.

85% of professionals reported having trouble meeting solar demand, compared to 90% in last year’s study

in 2022 supply chain issues were still at the front of the line at 28%, in 2023 they were cited by only 9% of respondents

main problem in 2023 was homeowners being reluctant to commit to quotes, at 38%. This is not only a huge jump from the previous year’s 22%, but is almost four times higher than the second most popular issue, struggling to find enough qualified employees (10%)

Top reasons homeowners backed out of committing to a solar project: Overall project costs/Poor return on investment/Concerns over moving or selling proper



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