report presents 35 interconnection improvement solutions developed through a DOE stakeholder engagement process launched 22 months ago, known as the Interconnection Innovation e-Xchange

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The report is separated into four “goals”, with multiple solutions underneath each.

The goals are:

  1. Increase Data Access, Transparency, and Security for Interconnection
  2. Improve Interconnection Process and Timeline
  3. Promote Economic Efficiency in Interconnection
  4. Maintain a Reliable, Resilient, and Secure Grid

An example solution set, in this case for goal #1:

• Solution 1.1: Improve the scope, accessibility, quality, and standardization of data on projects already in interconnection queues, including project attributes, cost estimates, and post-IA information. (short-term)

• Solution 1.2: Enhance the scope, timeliness, accuracy, and consistency of interconnection study models and modeling assumptions that transmission providers make available to interconnection customers. (short-term)

• Solution 1.3: Develop tools to manage, analyze, and visualize transmission and interconnection data made available in the first two solutions, while ensuring secure data-sharing processes. (medium-term)


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