Map shows how cheap gasoline would have to be in order to be on par with the cost of at-home EV charging. In most parts of the country, charging an EV is equivalent to a gasoline price of $1 to $2 per gallon.

Massachusetts is $2.32/gallon to break even with its more expensive electricity – while Hawaii is the highest at $3.59/gallon. Louisiana & Washington have the cheapest electricity driving the comparable cost to $0.98/gallon.

These comparisons were made by calculating a “gallon-equivalent” for electric vehicles. This number is based on three factors: The average kilowatt hour per mile to drive an EV, the average miles per gallon for a comparable gasoline-powered vehicle, and the price of electricity. Multiplying these three numbers together yields the cost of driving an EV the same distance as a traditional car would travel on one gallon of gasoline.


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