Invesco Solar ETF fell by 21% for January 2024, while the S&P 500 increased by 2% and the DJIA increased by 1%

top three solar stocks for the month of January 2024 were Atlantica Sustainable Infrastructure plc, down 11%, and ReNew Energy Global Plc and Clearway Energy Inc., which both fell by 12%

Logistical challenges emerged within the solar market, potentially bolstering pricing dynamics. That, coupled with liquidity issues, seems to be causing unease in the solar industry

worst performers in January 2024 in the United States markets were Emeren Group Ltd, SunPower Corp., and Maxeon Solar Technologies, Ltd., which all fell 37%

module vendors are contemplating price elevation strategies, as security concerns in the Red Sea and a drought in the Panama Canal are presenting logistical hurdles that could additionally bolster pricing



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