the ship which is equipped with a new type of suspension system said to enable technicians to safely access offshore wind turbines even in high waves

suspension system, developed by Australian inventor Nauti-Craft, is said to enable the two hulls of the catamaran to independently balance and compensate for wave forces and the resulting movements

As a result, the deck of the ship, the so-called chassis, can be kept relatively calm in the passive mode of the system and can dampen a considerable part of the accelerations during transit

In active mode, it even remains absolutely balanced

movement of the hulls caused by the swell is damped by the cylinders of this hydraulic system and also converted into pressure and heat energy

waste heat is used to heat the ship, including the deck, in winter and the pressure will be converted back into electrical energy in future, which can be used to support the entire power supply on the ship


By: John Fitzgerald Weaver – Solar Consultant


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