our call that US resi solar is down 15% in 2024

The first third of the year continues to be challenged, and our contact is expecting the market to stabilize starting in May/June with potential for acceleration and growth in Q4

sees stabilization in TX, FL, the Northeast, but the Midwest is quieter than expected. CA likely is worse than expected, i.e. down more than 30-40% in H1’24

If May/June end market activity does not pick up, then our US resi solar down 15% in 2024 is off the table, and we may be closer to down 25-30%

Despite the recent preservation of NEM in the Netherlands (see here), grid congestion in the Netherlands is still an issue and getting permits “is a long and frustrating process.”

country’s grid companies are understaffed and may need 60k technicians to carry out the required upgrades according to a contact



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