SPAN Panel 48 – The largest addition to the SPAN Panel family, the SPAN Panel 48 is geared towards new home construction, enabling builders to avoid expensive infrastructure costs when building all-electric or future electric homes, with best-in-class energy management, storage and charging capabilities of SPAN Panel 32.

SPAN Panel 32 – Currently available and deployed across the U.S., SPAN Panel 32 serves both the retrofit and new home construction categories, providing software-defined, whole-home backup management when paired with one of several compatible energy storage systems, as well as reducing the costs of electrification.

SPAN Panel 16/24 – Focused on retrofit electrification, SPAN Panel 16/24 is a field-adaptable, smaller Panel form factor that enables SPAN PowerUp functionality for major electric load additions, reducing both hardware and labor costs compared to larger panel form factors.

SPAN Meter 8 – Designed to offer unparalleled capabilities when paired with smart meters, SPAN Meter 8 offers utility/grid operators advanced metering, submetering, demand flexibility and better utilization of the distribution infrastructure.

also a bigger 48-breaker panel coming for new homes



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