Vineyard Wind will begin to deliver “65 megawatts worth” of wind turbines, via five units, to the power grid before the end of 2023, per the Cape Cod Times. The value will increase toward the facilities full 806-megawatt capacity through 2024, when the plant is expected to be fully operational. We think the 65 MW value is actually wrong, as the article states five units will come online – at 13 MW each. The site’s units were changed to 14 MW units recently, suggesting 70 MW of capacity will be deployed and start delivering.

It’ll be quite interesting to see how the plant works in winter times where capacity factors can be extremely high off of the coast, especially high with these 107 meter long turbine blades.

GE Haliade-X turbines as part of the Vineyard Wind 1 project south of Martha's Vineyard.

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