three-array, 26,000-panel, 10.9-megawatt project

projects allow the land to be used for solar energy production, while still allowing for farmers to use the land for growing crops or grazing for their herds

construction of a 2.5-megawatt array with about 4,368 individual panels mounted on a single-axis tracker system at least 10 feet off the ground that will allow the array to follow the sun throughout the day

plan is to have Finicky Farm LLC manage the field, which will have enough space underneath and between solar panels for equipment, and plant historical crops — potatoes, grain corn, peppers and pumpkins — along with some new crops. Animal grazing will also be implemented.

“solar arrays…have low levels of electromagnetic radiation, much less than everyday appliances”

Article included a link to the town’s website showing off the project. The company is using Terratrack trackers to lift the module base10 feet off of the ground, and seven feet when they’re in a stowed position.


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