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California projects energy shortfalls in 2020

California projects energy shortfalls

Happy Tuesday, friends. Last week, the state of California was a big topic in solar news. The state is predicting energy shortfalls during peak electricity use hours (5pm-7pm) starting in September of 2020. On top of that, Pacific Gas & Electric has begun to power down the homes and workplaces of Californians living in high-risk fire regions.

What this means for California:

To meet energy demands and combat the potential of a shortage, the Clean Power Alliance of California (CPA) is recommending that regulators and legislature allow for a faster procurement process of clean energy projects that are in process or proposed. As Commercial Solar Guy notes, it won’t be the first time the state of California has sped up the procurement process, and the state has proven to be capable in the past. Read the full article here. 

On the other hand, the current grid shutdowns in the northern part of the state are for fire safety. Forest fires in California have worsened over the years, which may be attributed to alternating dry and wet spells. Wet springs cause lots of undergrowth in the high forests, followed by dry summers which create the conditions for a forest fire. If you are in a fire-risk area, Commercial Solar Guy reviewed some energy storage and inverters that will patch you through a power outage.

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