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It’s time for New England to step up it’s solar

New England solar

Greetings and happy Tuesday! This week in solar, we’re going to look at our fair home region of New England. Doing its part to mitigate climate change, New England has set an aggressive regional goal of 80% reduction of greenhouse gases by 2050. According to a recent report by the Brattle Group, this means we will need to add between 4 and 7 gigawatts of clean energy output every year. (For those readers who are not “numbers” people, 1 GW of energy is enough to power a medium-sized city, or if you watched Back to the Future, Doc Brown’s DeLorean.)

What this means:

Commercial Solar Guy reports that the most optimal models for clean energy in New England will include a mix of about 50% solar, 40% offshore wind, and 10% onshore wind plus hydroelectricity. All of the models found that roughly 31 GW of power generated by gas plants would be needed for New England to stay online.

All of this points to 20% growth in clean energy deployments in the next decade. So for those of you who are developers or investors in solar, there is opportunity on the horizon in New England. If you are ready to discuss a solar development for your land or your roof, reach out to the Commercial Solar Guy today. And if you’d like to read the full article (with a lot more statistics) on solar in New England, you can do that here.