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Solar panel hail testing – details inside

Hail exists. Its break panels. Sometimes, the solar panels win! Sometimes, the hail wins. When this happens is a known equation – based upon hail size and speed versus the glass that is used in the panels. All panels are tested under the same characteristics. I thought you might like to know the exact details on how panels are tested – which is the industry standard that these panels are warranted to:

SOURCE: The first is a historical impact test that measures impact toughness of PV modules. UL lab technicians drop a two-inch solid steel sphere from a height of 51 inches onto the surface of the PV module, the energy equivalent of a hail stone measured at one inch and three-eighths in diameter falling at terminal velocity through the sky. The second impact test is a true hail impact. This “classic” test involves placing a perfectly formed spherical chunk of ice into a pneumatic cannon and firing the calibrated ice ball at 10 to 13 critical locations on the PV module. Most often, UL technicians will shoot 25-millimeter, or approximately one-inch, ice balls at the module at about 52 miles per hour.