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Solar Wins in Colorado!

This week, Colorado regulators decided to preserve the state’s successful net metering program, one of the most important policies for empowering families, schools and businesses to go solar. Commissioners saw through the barrage of misinformation and rhetoric from solar’s opponents, calling the solar crediting program “satisfactory and balanced as is.” We’ll say.

Net metering gives Colorado solar customers full credit on their utility bills for the valuable power they produce for use nearby. It puts Coloradans in charge of their energy choices and utility costs like never before. It helps reduce the need for expensive, polluting power infrastructure, building healthier and more resilient communities. And it spurs growth in Colorado’s new energy economy, supporting thousands of jobs and keeping energy dollars invested in our communities. Thanks to the Commission’s leadership, Coloradans can count on continuing to get fair credit for a solar investment that benefits us all.

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