China’s solar dominance considered a risk factor

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On the one hand – the large majority of solar power global growth occurred in China in 2017. And if you’re a business person you’re taught – don’t depend on one customer! Good point. Except for one thing – the solar power industry is a clumpy one when considering growth, and this clumpiness seems to repeat. For instance…

First Germany and then Europe grew big and fast – driving the early wave of solar growth. Then that growth shifts west toward the U.S., Japan and the early China. Last year we saw China take over – with India just starting to spread its wings. Now, we’re seeing the U.S. and Japan slow growth – but showing potential down the road. And – Europe is getting going again, while Saudi Arabia and the broader Middle East are doing its things.

Let’s not be dependent on China – let’s celebrate them, and more importantly – let’s not fear China’s path, but instead help those who are searching for their own growth techniques.