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Myths And Facts About Net Metering For Solar Energy

MYTH: Net Metering Is Costly The Helena Independent Record published a letter from the executive director for governmental affairs at NorthWestern Energy, who wrote that net-metered electric generation from solar panels “is not efficient and very expensive” and “will only increase the cost of electricity to other customers on the system.” [Helena Independent Record, 1/6/15] The American Enterprise Institute’s Benjamin Zycher…

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Here’s why 2015 is the ‘tipping point’ for community solar

“As utilities wake up to the value proposition, it will increasingly shape the market” With many utilities addressing the challenge of rooftop solar, community shared solar is fast emerging as an appetizing solar business model. A top solar research firm now says 2015 is the year that the community solar market breaks through. A new market report forecasts community…

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