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Recapture Rapture: Can Revised Tax Credit Policies Attract More Capital to Solar? Michael Mendelsohn’s picture

For developers trying to monetize the federal tax benefits for a given project, finding a tax equity partner can be a lonely process. Tax equity investors consist of a limited pool of suitors—investment bankers and a few other firms—who can tolerate the array of risks associated with this type of investment, including: Current and future…

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How Solar+Battery Systems Insulate Customers from Rising Retail Electricity Prices

In the face of rising retail prices for grid electricity, investing in solar-plus-battery systems can insulate grid-connected customers from those increasing prices and effectively lock in a peak price that won’t continue to climb, according to a recent analysis by RMI. The result for customers across diverse geographies will be substantial savings relative to what they would…

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How do SRECS Work?

In Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and most of the east-coast and Mid-Atlantic solar markets, the main incentives driving the solar market are SRECs, which stands for Solar Renewable Energy Credits. If you’re looking to get into the industry or expand your current business, you need to know how they work, how to communicate their use…

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