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Solar panel hail testing – details inside

Hail exists. Its break panels. Sometimes, the solar panels win! Sometimes, the hail wins. When this happens is a known equation – based upon hail size and speed versus the glass that is used in the panels. All panels are tested under the same characteristics. I thought you might like to know the exact details…

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The time to raise solar net-metering caps in Massachusetts is NOW

Massachusetts State Representative Robert DeLeo (follow him on Twitter), Senate President Stan Rosenberg (also on Twitter!), and others should all be applauded for separating the States net-metering caps from the rest of the energy-related legislation that’s currently winding its way through Capitol Hill. The filling of the caps has stalled several solar projects across the state, due to the lack…

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Flexible Solar Panels May Be the Wave of the Future

The art of paper cutting, or Kirigami, is an extremely skilled ancient Japanese art form the creates beautiful pieces with just paper and a cutter. Artists transcend two-dimensional space to create flawless images, sometimes thinking about their piece backwards, from finish to start, in order to engineer it correctly. While Kirigami maintains itself in the…

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How tax breaks are driving Vermont’s rush to solar

Solar is the fastest-growing source of energy in the country, and Vermont’s solar industry is growing dramatically. The solar industry is booming nationwide because of multibillion-dollar federal tax breaks, and developers have their eyes on Vermont because of its additional cash incentives. In 2014, the state ranked at 22 out of 50 states for total…

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