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What is an SREC in Massachusetts?

A Solar Renewable Energy Certificate (SREC) is a way to measure the amount of clean electricity a solar power system produces. Power companies – the utilities like Eversource, National Grid, Western Massachusetts Electric – are required to produce a certain amount of clean energy, or to purchase it from those who build their own solar power system. The current price…

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Community Solar uptake on rise for residential, but how to attract commercial users is the question.

From Community solar and the large corporate user quandary Community solar, a model where customers purchase a portion of the energy produced by a solar array system, has been gaining traction across the United States. Just within the last two months, the Obama administration announced plans to provide financial and educational support for community solar…

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Obama says fossil fuel industry restricting customer choice

Excerpted from Associated Press Story by Nancy Benac  Earlier Monday, Obama spoke at a green energy conference where he accused fossil fuel interests and other critics of his energy policies of trying to restrict consumers from accessing solar, wind and other renewable sources in order to protect the status quo. “That’s not the American way,”…

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