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Is the outlook for Solar cloudy in Massachusetts?

By almost every imaginable measure, Massachusetts’ solar movement has been a resounding success, yet its future is in doubt Pushed forward by a number of tailwinds, including the Federal Investment Tax Credit, the State-imposed Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards (which created the SREC and SREC-II Programs), and some of the highest retail prices for electricity in…

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The backlash against solar companies by California’s public utilities

Transitioning from the old way of doing things to the new way proves difficult when opposing parties having different interests. And when the government is involved, situations can grow even more stressful. Recently, public utilities in California have lashed back against solar panel companies. Companies like Southern California Edison who have long enjoyed near monopoly power in California, argue that they face…

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The time to raise solar net-metering caps in Massachusetts is NOW

Massachusetts State Representative Robert DeLeo (follow him on Twitter), Senate President Stan Rosenberg (also on Twitter!), and others should all be applauded for separating the States net-metering caps from the rest of the energy-related legislation that’s currently winding its way through Capitol Hill. The filling of the caps has stalled several solar projects across the state, due to the lack…

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My Uncle went solar, and is already seeing the results!

In residential solar-related news, last month my uncle made a triumphant post to Facebook, showing off his home, newly adorned with a PV array. The details are as follows: 10.8 kW installed and active as of September 10, 2015 Total cost of $44,900 Federal and State tax credits of approx. $14,500 Total cost down: $30,400 [adinserter block=”1″]…

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Hawaii ends net metering for new residential solar installs

Advocates of Net Energy Metering call it the most successful method so far to get people off fossil fuels. Now the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission has ended the program for new solar customers. [adinserter block=”1″] “The energy industry is not static. We have to continue to evolve our policies, our initiatives and our programs,” PUC…

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