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Rooftop Solar to be the future, says National Grid CEO

Steve Holliday, CEO National Grid: “The idea of large power stations for baseload is outdated” Steve Holliday, CEO of National Grid, the company that operates the gas and power transmission networks in the UK and in the northeastern US, believes the idea of large coal-fired or nuclear power stations to be used for baseload power is…

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Community solar farms growing around Maine

A planned community solar farm near Androscoggin Lake in Wayne is one of about 10 similar projects that are under development around the state. The projects are unlike traditional residential solar installation in that the households benefiting from the solar-generated power aren’t actually located on the sites of the solar arrays. Instead, the power goes…

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The Case for Net Metering

Residential solar power systems are usually designed so that the owner produces more energy in the daytime than they use in the daytime in order to balance out the electricity used during non-sunlight hours at night. This is the fundamental benefit of net metering – a homeowner generates extra in the daytime, which is delivered to…

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