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54 hours without coal in Industrial Revolution home

It’s really about recognizing that change is possible. That your history doesn’t necessarily denote your future. And that even if you are the oldest, dirtiest, smelliest person in the room – a little bit of soap and water can clean you up. Great Britain, because of its long history of coal use, has put more…

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The ‘incrementally evolving’ utility

Two electricity utilities are in different places than they were a year or two ago – all because of renewables. Two stories I wrote for pv magazine this week – the first, Another gas plant spurned as renewable energy takes over in California, and the second Rocky Mountain Power’s incremental evolution. The second story is…

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No more offshore oil or gas in New Zealand

What have we done to deserve these fine people? Base truth – much oil and gas won’t be needed, we’ll literally have this flammable stuff forever floating beneath our planet’s surface. And if you’re a country who has figured out how to feed, clothe and educate your people without further oil money – we thank…

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Obama says fossil fuel industry restricting customer choice

Excerpted from Associated Press Story by Nancy Benac  Earlier Monday, Obama spoke at a green energy conference where he accused fossil fuel interests and other critics of his energy policies of trying to restrict consumers from accessing solar, wind and other renewable sources in order to protect the status quo. “That’s not the American way,”…

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