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North Atlantic ocean currents 15-20 weaker since 1850

Thought this article fit well behind the 6 AM article. These are broad shifts that are occuring in the surface movements of our plants. Our surface is a living one. These moving waters and winds directly impact humanity. The big thing to consider – our broad human society with its highly developed global markets and…

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Wind and solar surge sends EU emissions tumbling

Many countries that promised to cut GHG emissions under the 1997 Kyoto Protocol are now exceeding their targets, bringing new hope for success at the Paris climate talks. Europe’s greenhouse gas emissions are falling fast, mainly because of the rapid spread of the wind turbines and solar panels that are replacing fossil fuels for electricity…

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Thoughts on climate change

Even though only 63% of Americans believe that the planet is warming, and even fewer Americans (41%) believe that there is a consensus among scientists that climate change is happening, 77% support funding of research into renewable energy. Thankfully we can all agree on something!

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