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Community Solar: Two Paths forward in Massachusetts

Massachusetts has created a legal structure that says investor-owned utilities must allow Community Solar via Virtual Net Metering. There are two basic models – the Participant Ownership model and the Public Lease model. However a project is legally structured, the basic mechanics for delivering benefits to the projects participants is the same, thanks to virtual net metering.…

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North Carolina solar generation now exceeds 1 gigawatt

A North Carolina sustainable energy group announced solar power capacity in the state has passed 1 gigawatt of power and accounts for $1.6 billion in revenue. Solar has been a fantastic economic driver “Solar has been a fantastic economic driver in North Carolina’s clean energy industry for the past several years, and reaching 1 gigawatt…

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Fossil-Fuel Industry Can’t Stop Renewable Energy, Obama Says

// Bloomberg New Energy Finance (Bloomberg) — President Barack Obama pledged to provide incentives to support investments in renewable energy, saying the industry will thrive despite opposition by Republicans and fossil-fuel suppliers. The White House on Monday announced a $1 billion increase in loan guarantees for renewable energy projects, $24 million in new grants for solar research and measures to…

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