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4 Simple Benefits of Solar Energy

Guest post from JNA Solar Are you thinking about going solar? You are not alone in this movement, as many others in the world are embracing solar energy. Solar energy is good for the environment and saves you money. Using solar energy to power your home or workplace has many benefits, including economic, personal, and environmental.…

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Why is Solar so Complicated?

Guest post from JNA Solar The evolution of solar energy is growing exponentially. When technological breakthroughs come into the marketplace, the research and development enters a fast track that expands very quickly. This is why people often ask themselves, “Well, why is solar so complicated?” We are witnessing that expansion happening every day in the…

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Fossil-Fuel Industry Can’t Stop Renewable Energy, Obama Says

// Bloomberg New Energy Finance (Bloomberg) — President Barack Obama pledged to provide incentives to support investments in renewable energy, saying the industry will thrive despite opposition by Republicans and fossil-fuel suppliers. The White House on Monday announced a $1 billion increase in loan guarantees for renewable energy projects, $24 million in new grants for solar research and measures to…

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Here’s why 2015 is the ‘tipping point’ for community solar

“As utilities wake up to the value proposition, it will increasingly shape the market” With many utilities addressing the challenge of rooftop solar, community shared solar is fast emerging as an appetizing solar business model. A top solar research firm now says 2015 is the year that the community solar market breaks through. A new market report forecasts community…

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